Kalimba 17 key

Kalimba 17 key
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The Kalimba is an instrument originating in Sub-Saharan Africa. Like the xylophone, the glockenspiel and the vibraphone, this instrument is part of the idiophone family (these are instruments whose sound is produced by the very material of the instruments in question).

Originally used in traditional music, the Kalimba 17 key had bamboo strips which were later replaced by metal strips.

The body of this instrument can be a coconut, a wooden board or a wooden sound box.
The sounds are produced by the vibration of blades each cut to a precise length thus producing a determined note and which can be counted from 5 to more than 20 depending on the model.

The use of this instrument is very simple: take the body in the palm of your hand and vibrate the blades with your thumbs.

Today, we find this instrument in very different registers. In addition to being used in “world music”, it is present in music therapy and musical awakening.
Its particular sound means that it is also widely used in contemporary music.

The Kalimba Thump Piano is the modern version of the Mbira, a traditional African instrument. The Kalimba was developed and invented by Hugh Tracey (ethnomusicologist specializing in music from Central and South Africa). It has been manufactured since 1954 by AMI (African Musical Instrument), a company created by Hugh Tracey with his son.

The tuning can be changed by moving the blades slightly and using a tuner. It is advisable not to change the tuning by more than a semitone than the main tuning.

Handcrafted and tuned by artisans in South Africa

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